Rotterdamse Oogst

The Rotterdam Harvest Market

1 februari 2016 - Geplaatst in Rotterdamse Oogst Markt

Get a taste of Rotterdam at the Rotterdam Harvest Market. The most festive farmers market of Rotterdam with local produce from regional farmers and urban neighbours. Cheeses from Streefkerk, mustard from Goudswaard, beetroot ‘uit je eigen stad’, local sausages and urban honey. Meet the locals at this weekly farmers market. Cosy, creative and local. With a nice terrace for an urban picknick and fresh music from local singer-songwriters. 

General info

Every Saturday 10-17

🍎🍎🍎 XXL - 1st Saturday of the month - 45 stalls, live music, wine and beer🍷

🍎 MINI - 2nd Saturday - 13 stalls & coffee -

🍎🍎 XL-3rd Saturday - 45 stalls, live music

🍎 MINI-4th (and 5th) Saturday - 13 stalls & coffee -

Noordplein, Rotterdam